The National Curriculum is followed by all pupils in Years 1-6 with very few exceptions. The content of the National Curriculum determined by the DfES can be viewed here and copies can be made available in school if necessary.

The curriculum is everything that is taught in school from the academic subjects to good manners and respect for others.  The aim of the Governors is to ensure that the school provides a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum which caters for the needs of each child. In this way, children will gain knowledge of the world around them and develop a desire to learn more about the world.

The National Curriculum and RE, together with the distinctive contribution of the schools formal and informal polices, all contribute to the whole school curriculum.

The three ‘Is’

The Education Inspection Framework states that a school’s curriculum offer should be centered on the three ‘Is’ –  ‘intent’, ‘implementation’ and ‘impact’.

Curriculum intent is about curriculum design, the emphasis being on how effectively schools provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all pupils, opening rather than closing doors to future success.

What knowledge and understanding do we expect pupils to gain at each stage of their schooling and in each subject?

Curriculum implementation, meanwhile, is concerned with curriculum delivery, in other words teaching, assessment and feedback, and crucially that which leads to long-term learning.

How does our whole-school curriculum hang together and how does our specific context inform the curriculum?

Curriculum impact, finally, is about pupil achievement in terms of both attainment and progress, recognising that good outcomes are not just measured in test results but in how successfully pupils are developed as well-rounded citizens.

What knowledge and skills do pupils gain at each stage and over time and how does this compare to expectations?


This section of our website contains information on our curriculum offer at St Joseph’s. If you have any questions or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact the school.

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